Music that assisted in Healing:

Tracy Chapman: Our Bright Future CD
– For A Dream, Something to see, I Did it All

Pink: I’m Not Dead CD
– Nobody Knows, Runaway, Conversations with my 13 year old self

Pink: Greatest Hits So Far
– Sober, F**KIN’ Perfect

James Blunt: Trouble
– Shine On, No Bravery


I-Do-Matter-Resources-Radical-ForgivenessI-Do-Matter-Resources-A-New-EarthEckhart Tolle; A New Earth
Colin Tipping; Radical Forgiveness

I also have been blessed with the best Resources:

My 3 children, Ashley, Robyn and Brittany. Their unconditional love, and understanding has given me the courage to speak out. I will always have your back girls!

Dale, who has known me forever, the father of our girls. Your strong belief in me, your encouragement when I lost my courage. Touched my soul, more than you know. Thank you for loving me, in my darkest hours.

Roger my friend, without your support this passion of mine would not have been possible. You having my back, is a true gift and I am forever grateful.