Unmasking the Myths

On November 14th, I attended the “Unmasking The Myths” Gala. It was a fundraiser to raise funds for the Be Brave Ranch here in Edmonton. It is a place for our children to go and heal after being sexually abused.
Brianne kidners organized this beautiful and elegant evening. She worked hard for over a year, for this amazing night. She brought strangers together, for our babies, and by the time dinner was over, we were all connected. Not hiding from the truth, gave us a bond that will stay with us long after the Gala.

I spoke at this Gala and it was my first time speaking in public.I was able to do this, because of my deep belief that we need to talk and we need to face the ugly truth about what is happening to our children.I also was able to have the courage to do this, because my friends and family were there to support me. Thank You!

Together if we speak up for our defenseless children, babies. We will stop this madness and our babies will be safe from the monsters who have no courage and no right to violate our children!

Please stop looking away,

Yell & Tell Now We Tell!!


I want to say Yeah to me!! sober today for 14 years!Not one drink, impossible for i could not go 3 days without a drink!
But I did and I am just understanding now how cool this is!!
I want to say Yeah!! to all of us who have stayed away from the drink.

What I thought was impossible really was not!!
Yeah to us!

I am re-posting a song from Pink, Yeah!!!

Yell and Tell!!!

It is only a feeling, it will pass!

The monsters that never go away.

This Song is for my 3 beautiful girl’s and grandchildren

Pink’s music has given me strength to heal! Try!!

2014! Let’s Roar and be heard!

Beam me up

For some of us Christmas gatherings with our family can bring us (me) to disconnect.To feel alone with a room full of people we love. Unable to stop the sadness and the feeling of unworthiness. It is okay, this will pass, and remember You DO Matter.