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I Do Matter – I Am…

The book I wrote is really a journal, a journal back to HELL. Now I am standing in the living room, I am frozen again. I see myself looking out the front window. Dad is dragging my Mother by her hair across our huge yard. He is kicking her with his steel toed boots. Flinging her around like she is a rag doll. This is ingrained in my brain. My whole body is trembling as I write the horror my little girl eyes witnessed for over 10 years.

“Your story brings hope. Your story has inspired me to do some of the healing you have done to make life better, thank you. You will inspire others to do the same, I know it!” – Wendy Van de Ligt

“With this heart-rending, personal exposé, you are going to open doors and hearts. The difference you will make is nothing short of phenomenon.” – Marie Mitchell

I Do Matter Journal

I am offering a Journal to encourage others to write. It is not only my story we need to hear! Together we can heal and have a voice. I need others to speak out and stand tall. Then we can heal and help others. A journal is very important, and even if it’s only a line or two, that is a start…

You can also purchase my book for kindle devices via, as well as on the amazon app on your phone. Search for I Do Matter Melanie Duhan.